What's PEKID'S


☆What's PEKID'S like?

Bouldering indoor climbing is one of the sports that is getting popular these days.For the first time in Japan. we opened “PEKID’S”, a bouldering studio specially designed just for kids(3~12 years old), on Aug 2014. The location is right next to PEKI PEKI Shibuya!

Getting Familiar With English

We offer you activities that combine climbing and English. While getting closer English, children can acquire cooperativeness and morals through the activities. The studio is filled with English signs and announcement. It is like a little English world.


Safe and Clean

Our climbing wall is specially designed only for kids, from 3 years-old to elementary students. We do not use chalk in this kids’ studio and equip the high performance air cleaners to keep the air clean.


Bouldering is one of the best sports that develop lean and balanced muscle because you need to stretch your legs, arms and even back. You can also have your brain stimulated while having fun, because it also contains intellectual training elements like a brain teaser.


Mother friendly

If you have accompanying children who are not old enough to climb the wall, please be assured that we have ready a diaper changing table, nursing room and play zone for 0-2 years-old kids.


Price List

Registration Fee    ¥500/kid
Usage Fee           ¥1,500/kid (3~12 years old)
Family (weekday17:00~)¥1.000/adult (+TAX)
※Please bring your own indoor shoes
【Rental Package Plan】
・weekday only 30.000/2h~ (+TAX)
・20 kids maximum (5 kids per parent)
・Appointment must be made 3 weeks prior to the day of rent  only through E-mail (shibuya@pekipeki.jp)                      

Access and Hours

Operation Hour: Everyday 10:00~19:00

Address:1F Happy Bldg. 6-19-14 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
TEL/FAX: 03-5778-9470
Access  2min. Walk from Shibuya Station 13Exit
      6min. Walk from Miyamasu Zaka
     10min. Walk from Harajuku Stasion